What Is

Our agency took on the re-designing project of, a sister website of It is a dynamic online platform, serving as a website and blog dedicated to exploring and discussing relevant topics in the coding field.
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The goal of the website

Our aim was to design an interesting and unique website for that breaks away from conventional blog formats. We prioritized user-friendliness and intuitive navigation while seamlessly integrating sections like articles, speakers, and events onto a single page.
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Color palette

Inspired by popular coding platforms, our curated color palette for features a captivating dark theme, complemented by secondary colors derived from the client's branding. This combination creates a visually engaging design that reflects the essence of the website.
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The final website

Our meticulous efforts created an exceptional website for With captivating visuals, seamless navigation, and a unique layout, it embodies a vibrant hub for knowledge sharing and engagement.
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Web design: Leona Rega, Chris Lettner
Web development: Emma Wald, Chris Lettner