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What is Heliovis

Heliovis, a leading-edge Austrian solar thermal energy company, offers a breakthrough Solar Thermal Collector, a technological innovation that harnesses the abundant power of the sun to provide a sustainable, affordable, and reliable source of industrial process heat.

Industrial heat accounts for a staggering 25% of global primary energy consumption, surpassing all the world’s cars and planes combined, making this type of innovation essential to the success of the green energy revolution
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We've crafted a polished, dynamic website that reflects Heliovis' position as a leader in renewable energy technology. The selected imagery projects their commitment to innovative solutions in thermal energy innovation.

Color palette

We've assembled a lively color palette for Heliovis, including sunny yellows, earthy greens, crisp whites and deep blacks. These hues embody the brand's dedication to innovation and sustainability. They set the stage for a visually captivating experience, inviting users to explore and engage with Heliovis' mission.
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For Heliovis's website typography, we've selected Poppins, Greycliff CF, and Plus Jakarta Sans fonts. The outcome is a polished and forward-looking aesthetic that encapsulates Heliovis identity and vision.
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Web design: Leona Rega
Web development: Alejandro Meschini