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What is Mews

MEWS is a cutting-edge platform dedicated to developers, offering comprehensive tools and resources to empower technological innovation in the hospitality sector.
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Our workflow

Our workflow isn't a mystery; it's a transparent, sprint-based journey that both our team and clients embark upon. In just three sprints, we transformed an idea into a full-fledged, inspiring website.

1. We kicked things off by laying down wireframes and exploring style directions. This foundational stage culminated in client-approved Home and Blog pages.

2. Based on client feedback, we refined our designs and moved right into the development phase. The end of this sprint marked a fully-realized vision, continuing with other pages and structure.

3. This is where the rubber met the road. We took our designs and optimized them for tablets and phones. Additional pages were developed smoothly, ensuring the whole site was prepped and primed for production.
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Structure and Design

Utilizing a balanced black-and-white color scheme and a centered grid, we crafted a straightforward user interface. This clean design eliminates navigation hassles, allowing developers to focus on innovation, in sync with Mews' pioneering approach.
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We opted for a minimalist branding strategy that complements Mews' focus on innovation and efficiency. The simple yet impactful design elements serve to cut through the noise, allowing the platform's core offerings to take center stage.

Final Website

The completed website aligns with industry standards and Mews' operational objectives, effectively serving its user base. This project stands as a testament to effective collaboration and shared professional values.
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Web design & development: Chris Lettner
Contributors: Leona Rega,
Michael Magarik