Proficit Partners

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What is Proficit Partners

Proficit is a UK-based life-science consultancy, dedicated to providing impactful, in-depth strategic analysis & insights into emerging biotechnologies.
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Logo and branding

Our approach to logo design involved creating a visual representation that captures the essence of our client's business without being overly literal. The goal was to elevate the logo by incorporating abstract elements that align with their brand identity, striking the perfect balance between uniqueness and relevance.

Color palette

With the client's preference for a dark-themed website, our goal was to introduce lighter colors that would bring balance and enhance the design. Carefully selected to complement the chosen colors, these lighter shades added a touch of brightness, resulting in a harmonious and visually appealing composition.
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The website

Our objective was to create an interactive and straightforward website that effectively communicates the client's expertise while maintaining a professional yet unconventional aesthetic. The aim was to provide a user-friendly experience that showcases the client's services and sets them apart in the industry.
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Seamless mobile experience

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, we optimized the website for mobile responsiveness. It ensures a consistent and engaging experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Customers can conveniently explore the website with all interactive features intact.
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Testimonial from our client

"The creative work was excellent!"
Thanks to the support provided by The Weather team, the website was completed on time and on budget and the client was very happy with the outcome. The client appreciated how the vendor took their feedback and used it to refine the final web design.
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Web design & development: Leona Rega
Logo & branding: Leona Rega
Contributors: Dominik Backhaus