What is RE/MAX

RE/MAX is one of the world’s leading real estate franchises, with a network of more than 100.000 agents spanning the globe. (It is also the operator of the world’s largest fleet of hot air balloons.)
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We created the new corporate website for RE/MAX Europe, giving it a look that is more somber and serious, paired with playful details. Our goal was to design a site that reflects RE/MAX’s identity as a forward-thinking company with a proud history and creates an immediate emotional connection to users.
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Color palette

We've carefully chosen a color scheme inspired by the established brand colors of RE/MAX. Opting for deeper shades of blues as the background, complemented by accent reds and whites, we've crafted a palette that exudes sophistication and depth. The color scheme reflects their dedication to innovation and creates a welcoming environment, inviting visitors to explore the site with ease and comfort.
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In accordance with the client's font guidelines, we've implemented Helvetica for the main text on the website. Paired with the designated color palette, the font enhances the visual allure, seamlessly blending with the website's overall aesthetic.
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Seamless mobile experience

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, we optimized the website for mobile responsiveness. It ensures a consistent and engaging experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Customers can conveniently explore the website with all interactive features intact.
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Testimonial from our client

"Their project management was exemplary."
The Weather’s efforts increased website traffic, conversion rates, and social media engagements. The team seamlessly combined website functionality with user-friendly and modern designs. Moreover, they had a strict adherence to project timelines, ensuring timely delivery of tasks.
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Project Management: Hanna Pylypenko
Design: Maxim Kalinskyy, Leona Rega
Development: Alejandro Meschini, Michael Magarik
Contributors: Chris Lettner