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What is DeepPlants

DeepPlants is a pioneering Italian AI company that develops forecasting algorithms for global warming resilience, making them accessible to everyone. DeepPlants originated from a collaboration of scientists from La Sapienza University in Rome, whose expertise ranges from machine learning and computer vision to physics and mathematics.
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The client challenged us to create a minimalist, clean web design that brings together a clean, technical look and the preexisting color-wheel logo and visual identity. Additionally, we aimed to liven up a large amount of technical content with positive emotion and present it with clarity and structure.
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Branding & Logo

The client had a distinctive logo they wished to retain, therefore we opted for a calm web interface and grayish tones to balance the many colorful images and fast-paced videos. We also chose Nyanza #DCFFDA as a fresh complementary color.
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Mobile Experience

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, we optimized the website for mobile responsiveness. This ensures a consistent and engaging experience for users on smartphones and tablets, allowing them to explore the website with all interactive features intact.
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Web design & Branding: Leona Rega
Web Development: Sergio Sánchez Peñalver
Project Management: Lenka Szeteiova