Kafka 100

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What is Kafka 100

The year-long project Kafka 100, organized by the Jewish Museum in Prague on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Franz Kafka's death, commemorates the work and personality of this internationally acclaimed writer.
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We've built a sleek, modern website designed to catch your eye. It warmly invites you to explore Kafka100's diverse content, promising an engaging and visually appealing experience.
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Color Palette

We've carefully selected an earthy color palette for the project website, blending soothing greens, crisp whites, and a touch of sunlit yellow accent. These hues resonate with Kafka100's dedication to cultural richness and diversity, fostering a serene atmosphere.


For the project website's typography, we've opted for the Titillium font. Its modern appearance reflects sophistication and innovation, perfectly complementing the cultural offerings. This choice, combined with the earthy color palette, creates a polished aesthetic in line with the project's vision.
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Color palette

Certainly! Here's a more expanded version: We selected tones of black olive, silver blue, and maize yellow to infuse the design with an organic and light feel. These colors harmonize beautifully, providing a subtle backdrop with just the right amount of pop to draw the eye.
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Web design & Branding: Leona Rega
Web Development: Emma Wald