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What is Opto

Opto is a Berlin fintech startup backed by DB Schenker, a global leader in logistics. Opto empowers carriers and truck drivers to overcome cash flow issues by allowing them to get paid immediately.


We've designed a polished, long-lasting website that embodies Opto's position as a prominent figure in European road logistics finance and technology. Demonstrating their dedication to pioneering advancements and streamlined solutions in transportation, while highlighting their expertise and progressive strategies.
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Color Palette

We've carefully curated a color palette featuring serene Sea Foam, vibrant Sunflower, pure Whisper White, deep Charcoal, and subtle Pearl. These hues embody sophistication and innovation, perfectly complementing Opto's brand identity. Any additional elements seamlessly harmonize with these colors, offering opportunities to integrate black within the existing palette or introduce hints of yellow and blue.
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Opto's brand identity is enhanced by the carefully chosen Clash Display, Inter, and False fonts, exuding sophistication and innovation while seamlessly complementing the curated color palette. The result is a refined and forward-thinking website that perfectly encapsulates Opto's values.
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Web design: Leona Rega
Web development: Sergio Sánchez