What is

STEM Institute for Empirical Research is the Czech Republic's leading polling institute.
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Color palette

The color palette, featuring deep crimson, steel blue, and white shades conveys professionalism and clarity, aligning with the analytical research theme and sociological focus. Additional red tones complement the primary dark red, enhancing visual coherence.
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Finished projects post ex1


In line with the project's design principles, sans-serif rounded fonts maintain consistency and complement the chosen color palette, enhancing the website's clean and elevated appearance, in harmony with the Stem values.
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Overall design

We created a clean, timeless website that showcases their identity as an analytical, research institution with a rich tradition. Emphasizing their commitment to sociological research for informed public discourse and democratic institutions, while prioritizing data and information through a static page design.
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Seamless mobile experience

Recognizing the importance of mobile devices, we optimized the website for mobile responsiveness. It ensures a consistent and engaging experience for users on smartphones and tablets. Customers can conveniently explore the website with all interactive features intact.
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Web design & development: Emma Wald
Contributors: Chris Lettner