Torhaus Berlin

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What is Torhaus

Torhaus Berlin is a self-organized and self-managed community space at Tempelhof Airport that fuels creative urban participation and collaborative design. It serves as a hub where diverse projects and innovative ideas converge, shaping the future of our city.
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The Weather Pro-Bono Project

As an agency dedicated to social impact, we proudly undertook creating a brand new website for Torhaus Berlin pro-bono, hoepfully amplifying their community's initiatives with an inclusive and accessible online platform.

Initial stage

Engaging the community and meticulous planning laid the foundation for Torhaus Berlin's transformative journey, ensuring functional and vibrant, creative excellence.
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Adapted for phones

Mirroring the collaborative essence of Torhaus Berlin, our adaptive web design ensures seamless accessibility across devices.
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Color palette

The vibrant combination of Kings Blue and Radiant Yellow takes the spotlight, supported by the timeless elegance of Classic White and Black. This captivating color palette exudes energy and vibrance.
Logo logo
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Graphic design & web design: Jil Zepp
Web development: Dominik Backhaus