Varied Forms

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What is Varied Forms

Varied Forms is a company that provides customizable tap 'platforms' and design components, enabling customers to create unique faucets without high costs or long delivery times.
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Initial stage

The initial step in our project began with the design and development of a custom configurator for the new website, enabling clients to experiment with various product styles, colors, and finishes to find their desired combination.
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Main project goal

Our main priority was integrating the custom configurator into the platform interface for scalability and seamless user experience.

Wireframing stage

Before proceeding to design we wireframe all of the crucial parts for the custom configurator for Varied Forms.
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Adapted for phones

Smartphone is the most important device now. Though desktop is more crucial to b2b services, everything needed to be accessible on mobile too.
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Color Palette

We went for tones of natural colors of beige and gray that are reflected in the Varied Forms products.
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Web Development: Michael Magarik, Chris Lettner, Sergio Sánchez
Web design: Leona Rega, Chris Lettner