Varied Forms

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Made to be made over

Varied Forms pioneers a mix-and-match bathroom taps platforms, enabling customers to create unique bathroom designs that remain customizeable forever.
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Configurator web app

As the site's central feature, we designed and developed acustom configurator that is both highly intuitive and lighting fast. It enables clients to discover and try out Varied Forms' vast array of product styles, colors, and finishes.
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Design showcase

The site's clean, soft and subdued design leaves users space to project their own ideas and allows Varied Form's products toshine.

Responsive design done right

The site offers a seamless experience across all devices. Videos, galleries and, most importantly, the product configurator, are painstakingly optimized for mobile and touch devices.
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Color palette

We went for tones of natural colors of beige and gray give Varied Forms' products room to breathe.
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Web Development: Michael Magarik, Chris Lettner, Sergio Sánchez
Web design: Leona Rega, Chris Lettner